Cosmic Conversations Presentations

May 1, 2013

Matthew Connelly and Tom Zhang presented talks about neutron scattering applications and oscillating heat pipes, respectively, to provide an introduction of these topics to a general audience with an age range of 7 to 70.

Chemistry Class Presentations

April 26, 2013

Tom Zhang gave a presentation about oscillating heat pipes to two chemistry classes. Dr. Cole was very impressed with his ability to present the concepts and research at an appropriate level for her undergraduates and also keep them engaged.

Mizzou Adventures in Education

April 6, 2013

Justin Grayer was a member of the graduate student team that demonstrated physics concepts to elementary school-aged children. The physics and astronomy team won first place for most engaging booth from among about 30 different departmental booths.

Bloomington Area Science Outreach Program

April 5, 2013

Virginia Smith and Paul Stonaha demonstrated basic concepts of neutron scattering and other physical sciences to a third grade class. They plan to continue to provide interactive science demonstrations to K12 students in Bloomington area classrooms.

15th Annual Fisk Research Symposium

April 4, 2013

Brenden Wiggins presented a poster entitled "The Growth and Characterization of LiInSe2 for the Application of Neutron Detection." Approximately 52 posters were presented to more than 100 attendees.

Re-establishment of Sigma Pi Sigma /Society of Physics Students

March 21, 2013

Rose Perea and Brenden Wiggins are involved in re-starting Sigma Pi Sigma and Society of Physics Students chapters at Fisk University. The chapters' goals are to encourage an interest in physics and provide tutoring and support for physics students.

University of Missouri Engineers Week Lab Tours

March 14, 2013

Tom Zhang gave tours of the heat pipes and cooling research lab during the Engineers Week Lab Day Open House, which had over 600 K-12 public school students in attendance. His lab won first place for best lab tour among 43 lab exhibits.

University of Missouri Research Reactor Tours

March 7, 2013

Matthew Connolly, Andrew Miskowiec, and Zachary Buck led a tour of the University of Missouri Research Reactor and talked about their research to a group of potential MU science education undergraduates from Moberly Area Community College.

Chemistry Open House at Indiana University

October 27, 2012

Virginia Smith demonstrated three hands-on science activities at the Chemistry Open House, which is designed to promote science and research education for K-12 students. Activities included magnetic silly putty, gluep, and pH indicators.